No extra talking though we provide photo editing service, Its free tips for you.  today lets learn how you can resize your image in Photoshop CS6 quickly.

  1. Start Photoshop CS6 software.
  2. Open the image

    resize image in photoshop

    Opening the image to resize

  3. Go to ‘Image’ from the top menu and choose ‘Resize Image’ or press Alt + Ctrl + I

    resize image in photoshop

    resize image in photoshop

  4. A new window will pop-up with some settings.
    resize image in photoshop

    Image resize settings

    You can give size in various units you see centimeters there. You can check ‘Constrain Proportions‘ then the size imaged will have right proportion.
    1. Give regulation 72 for web use and 300 for printing

  5. Now click on ‘OK’ button.
  6. Go to ‘File’ in the top menu and click on ‘Save As’
  7. Give the name and choose the format from drop down menu. ex: (jpg, png ) etc
  8. Finally click on ‘Save’

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