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Although Clipping Path is one kind of photo editing service which is generally applied for removing background from photos but it is also vastly used for object removal, creating multi-clipping-path, image masking, color-correction and any other photo editing services.

Flipcute Clipping committed to give the best effort to make your photo stunning. Our dedicated team always ready to do the best clipping path using the Updated Adobe Photoshop pen tool manually.  Almost all type of photo clipping path services are available here.


Every single service we provide with maximum care and quality – Before choosing us you can always test with sample works. Knock us with your images and will be so quick to response you back.

Background Removal

Background removing is most common image operation. People use various process to accomplish this work. We can help to remove background for most complex images.

Clipping Path

To work on images you need to create path. Clipping path can have many operations. Let start with your requirements.

Image Drop-shadow

If you are selling products online you may need to hire someone for your product images because you need to make your products look outstanding at a glance.

Image Masking

Masking help image to fit with another image. It is most common image operation available online.

Neck Joint

Same image can have different part and you many need to connect them together. Specially for neck part, its call Neck Joint.

Vehicle Photos

We specially take care of vehicle images That is why we provide this service differently.

Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation is required for book cover, banners, poster, magazine etc.

eCommerce Image Editing

Thousands of images upload everyday into many eCommerce site like amazon, ebay. This service is for them.

Color Correction

Giving right color to an image is important. Customer should get virtually real experience for colors of the product, specially for clothing items.


You can have you a look on what work we already did and understand our work quality before you select our service.


jeffery N

Did well, much appreciated

jeffery N, jnohner
fix blurry image
He did a good job with my photo. The original was taken blurry, so there was only so much that could possibly be done. He made it
about the best it can possibly be.
Daniel H., dhayes
jake profile picture
Very nice job done really fast.
Jake, Jake


We continuously writing about various image operations. We help people to learn about graphic design with easy instructions.

Why You Need To Take Photo Background Removing Service

July 13th, 2019|

Photo background removing is a common issue with photo because you don’t always have right background for a photo or you might need to put photo somewhere else. Nowadays almost all type of business photo playing very important role like advertising or displaying item into the website like amazon, ebay or may be into your personal Wordpress or with CMS site. You need hire someone to accomplish this large amount of images editing thing like background removing service and that’s why are here to help you. Why you require photo background removing service When you have your product with an unnecessary background it will definitely affect your product. You could only use white background so people can see the product at a glance. You want 100% attention of you customer to your images only not to the background. Because the background is not itself your product. You might spent lot of money for advertising to bring those customer or visitor to your product page so you don’t want to show them anything else that might affect their attention from your product. So, there will

How to remove background of a complex image

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Mainly we provide background removing service to remove unwanted objects from image. That can be your background as well. We do use some Photoshop tools to accomplish this task. Here are most common tools we mentioned below: Clipping Path (Using Pen Tool) Various Masks Background Photoshop Eraser Why to take background removing service Some people are using some Photoshop tools to remove background from images. But they are not providing quality output. It is not professional result from them. If you are photo business man or dealing with eCommerce business you need quality images to attract customers. Also some people use shortcut ways to remove background from image and that doesn’t sharpen image perfectly.  Also if you need to print photo we provide different set of works to provide on image. That way you can get the best output from your image. What is special about Flipcute Background Removing Service We understand you need your image on Quality background and also you need some other work to be done with images as well. Along with professional photo background removing work with provide replacing the

5 Easy Way To Remove Background From Photo

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There are different reasons to remove background from image. Some people selling products online some people make presentations and many other reasons where people need to remove background from images. Sometime people need to remove old details from image and update the image with new information. The best way to remove background from image is to use Photoshop. But no all people are expert with this adobe software so I am going to discuss some easy way to remove background from image. I will talk about some apps which give you easy solution. You can find them for free for they are very cheap. Clipping Magic This is very simple tool to remove background from image with very easy process. When you open the apps they will give you option to upload the image and you need to click on the “upload image” button to upload the image from anywhere in your computer . After opening you will find different options to adjust for removing background from image. FotoFuze This another very cool app that is made to perform some graphic operations with

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