Almost all photo editing service and process is something like data entry work. But when we come to image manipulation there is no option to call data entry because you have to be creative here. Only experienced people can perform this operation. This work is needed for magazines, cover image of books, advertisement, newspaper ads and many more. Photo manipulation is combination of other image operations. It is not a mass product service. It’s all about creativity.

We need to understand your thinking about the image before actually we start working on it. Because it’s all about create ideas that you need to put on and make thing awesome. So, discussing about it is important.

Why Image Manipulation is Special?

Already I said image manipulation is a combination of all other image operations that we provide here such as background removal, color correction, drop shadow, clipping path, image masking etc. Also designer needs to be expert in using various Photoshop tools like pen tool, lesso tool, move tool, magic wand tool, clone tool, brush tool, color palate etc.

Why you need to use special tools and designer for image manipulation?

I know there are many way to create banner and logo for your website like some people like to use canva and fotor. But it cannot fulfill you requirement if you are really smart about it and you are looking something very special. Since this image is going to be your advertisement, book cover, newspaper, music etc. People use creative image to their website front which is responsible to get the first attraction from visitors.

image mask servicehair image masking service

We take care of your branding

You need to be consistent with you design of banner, business cards, logos, post card, product brochure etc. Because as you know branding is really important and providing right image is the first way to achieve this. That’s why you need to find someone really expert who knows about this and provide you and better sets of image production that help your business to grow faster.

Different type of image manipulation

Photoshop Image/Photo Blending:

Photo blending in Photoshop is a excellent way to make image match with the other images. It is generally used to make product image.

Photo Collage Creation:

Photo Collage Creation is to make a full image with various parts on a background. Operation required is to resize, re position, and rotate the photos or layers in the canvas and use frames. Generally it is used to create photo album.

Photoshop Photo Compositing:

This is a high end image collage, usually made to give abstract look to your image. Photo Composite places various objects on a background and make a new single photo. They need proper selection of background, objects, color balance, lighting, brightness, and contrast.

Photo Morphing:

Generally image manipulation service is specially used for modifying two or more images to get a perfect image. The designers crop or extract the best parts of the image and replace on the unwanted area. Thus, they generate an expected result.