The most common photoshop work is to remove background from image. But there are different type of back removing due to complexity of the image.  Ready the whole post to learn about different image and their background removing process. Flipcute clipping path is capable to provide all type of background removing service.

  • Basic Shaped Subject:

    This is most easy to process to remove background from image. Image that have less than 6 anchor points and that need single path that is generally called Basic shape. Here we need to work with Straight, round and curves, rectangular images. Also the image won’t have any hole. You will see the general basic shape in Mobile, ball, plate, egg, book, spoon, ring etc.
    simple image background removal service

  • Simple Shaped Subject:

    Simple path is called where you need fewer curves, anchor points and many paths. You will also see there are many holes or many embedded transparency. T-shirt, ring, shoes, chair, wrist watch, earing, camera etc are required simple shape.
    simple shape background removal service provider

  • Medium Shaped Subjects:

    If there are many anchor points and multiple paths demand medium-level clipping paths that is called Medium Shape. Images that have many holes or embedded transparency like group watch, Bracelets, group shoes, motor parts, ground foods, group rings etc.
    background removing service for product image

  • Complex Shaped Subjects:

    Complex clipping path is applied to images is to make image background transparent. Chain, group people, furniture, group bracelets, by-cycles, jewelry, group images are required complex path to remove background from them.
    removing path

If you are looking to these services and you have many images that require these operations we ready to help you as quick as possible with quality work. We have expert people and all required tools to accomplish work. You can check quality of our work for free. Contact us through our contact form. We will try to response you as quick as possible.