You will be happy to know that you can change image background if you don’t know anything about it. May be you want to turn a very cloudy sky into a nice sunny day. You can need to make your passport photo on white background. It’s easy to do with Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is the best tool among all tools available for photo editing. This tool does photo editing task very professionally. It even has tools to select areas like hair, holes, according to colors etc.

Make a selection to change background

Open the image in Photoshop and find QUICK SELECTION TOOL from the tool bar. Or you can directly select the image by hitting W button from your keyboard. Then select brush with 100% hardness and drag inside the image which area you want to be selected.

selection to change image background

Now you the area are selected but the sides of the image need more work to make the selection cleanly.

For some image you don’t need to do any extra work. You just need to select the image area quickly then press Shirt+Ctrl+I for windows and Shift+Cmd+I for Mac to inverse the selection. That will select other part of the image.

Make the background selection with correct edges

Press and hold the Alter button and drag on image to deselect the area you don’t want to them to make part of the selection. By accident you can deselect the image part, in that case just release the Alter key from keyword and add selection there.

change image background

Create mask to change the image background color

Now you need to click on “Add layer Mask” from Photoshop layer pallet. Now open the “properties” pallet from window menu. Now you can correct your selections.

Now in Properties pallet click the View Mode to change how you will see your selection. Overlay is a good choice, as you can pick a color that contrasts with your image. But as you work you may want to hit the F key to cycle through the views to check different views.

change image background

Remove the background from image

Once you are happy with the selection you made you can now remove the background. Just new Layer with Layer masks and then press OK. Now you are ready to change the background.

change image background