If you have eCommerce business you may need color correction service infrequently. One product can have different colors, but you don’t need to take photo of every color of the product. You just need to send us one color and we will make it into different colors without losing any quality. Any digital video or any digital media can have color correction requirements.  You need to change color on particular part of your products. Sometime you need to enhance colors. Also you may need to recolor your images.


Generally if you are dealing with many images you need to hire someone to deal with color corrections. For example you might have a T-shirt of XX brand. You are selling five different color of that T-shirt. Simply you just need to send us one T-shirt of XX brand and we will make it into other 4 colors. Lets have look at the image below.

color correction service

color correction service

Here client sent us one image of white color of the sofa. We made five different color he mentioned us. This will make your life easy because you just don’t need take image of different color of the product. If you have a model for the XX T-shirt brand, then model don’t need to wear different colored T-shirt and take the photo. We can only change the color of T-shirt without change any other color of the image.


FLIPCUTE CLIPPING PATH has special team to perform this color correction task to ensure the best quality of the image after correcting the color of your digital medias. You can check our service quality by sending us example image and we will work with it for free. When you are satisfied with our work then only hire us. Here are the other advantages you gonna get:

  1. Various ranges of service
  2. Cheap cost of service
  3. Experienced graphic designers
  4. Satisfaction guaranteed
  5. Instant delivery

Color correction also require other operation on a image. We may need to perform image clipping path, image masking etc. We don’t charge anything else for that reason.

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If you need color correction service you can send us some images to check our work with Free Trial before you select us finally.