When we are talking about the clipping path service, Its all about photoshop Pen tool. Every image requires perfect clipping path and photo cut-outs so that consumers will love your photos. Images play very important role for selling things online. We care about your quality. For every single pitch of work, We are very careful with giving the best from us!

Flipcute Clipping Path is a Photo Photo Editing Service Provider company in Bangladesh. We have been working with photoshop and illustrator over and over years. By working on same thing again and again we got some expertise that help us to bring quality output. We are handling client from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Belgium etc. We are 24 hours available. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

We are mainly Clipping Path Service Provider

Also any kind of image operation you might need to perform some clipping operations. Before editing specific part of image you need to select that part and for selecting that you need to use Photoshop tools and create path. That is mainly called clipping path. Generally people need clipping path to remove background from image. But this is used to object removal, creating many clipping paths on one image, color correction, image masking, neck joint and other photo editing services. We are committed to give you the best outcome from an image your give us. We trust that our business is depended in your business so we put our best effort to give you good business too. There are some shortcuts in Photoshop work but we don’t go with those if the outcome is not good. I don’t fear to work 1 hour for 1 image if it requires.

Photoshop is the best software to create clipping path on image. To create clipping path on image you need skilled Photoshop designer. We use pen tool to create clipping because that is most used and perfect tool to create clipping path around images. After creating clipping path on image then it is easy to do operations like remove background, color change, color masking, remove objects from image etc.

We can show you different between using pen tool and using other tools to create clipping path. There are some big different and we only use pen tool to complete the entire job manually.

Even in Photoshop there some other tools to create path path Flipcute clipping path ever use them. It is strictly prohibited to use any automated software or using any Photoshop tool without pen tool to creating paths.

Our skilled designers work in three shift to provide 24 hours service to be able to meet your requirements. We are working on thousands of photos everyday which requires clipping path. Before selecting our service Check our work using Free Trial to judge the quality.

Different type of Clipping Path Service & Their Pricing

Easy Clipping Path

Simple Clipping path for Images are lesser amount curves, straight form, normal shape and mere details such as books, spoons, sofa, frames etc.

clipping path serviceclipping path service

Medium Clipping Path

Images that have medium amount curve, straight forms, easy shapes and mere details such as books, spoons, frames etc.

Before medium image clipping service provider

Complex Clipping Path

Any complex image are less curve, straight form, easy shape and mere details such as books, spoons, frames, jewelry etc.

background removing serviceimage masking service

Clipping path service or any other service we want from us, discussing them is important. Let’s talk about your business so we can understand one another what we produce for one other.

jeffery N

Did well, much appreciated

Jeffrey N
fix blurry image

He did a good job with my photo. The original was taken blurry, so there was only so much that could possibly be done. He made it about the best it can possibly be.

Daniel H.